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  UK Customer Service Email Address :

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If you are contacting us in regards to a problem you are experiencing with your product, please kindly include the information in bullet points below so we can help assist you the best we can. We aim to respond to all enquires within 24 hours. Emails sent on the weekend or on national holidays will be replied to the next business day.

  • A brief description of the problem you are experiencing with your product
  • The place of purchase
  • The date of purchase
  • The serial code. The serial code is either printed on a shiny sticker, or engraved as four digits. For straighteners, the code is located next to the voltage information sticker on the underside of the casing, or on the side of the plug. (You may have to remove the UK adapter plug by removing the middle screw. The engraved 4 digit code will be on the side of the European two pin plug.) For hair dryers, it is located on either the handle, underneath the dust filter cap or on the side of the plug.

 Returns Note:

  •  All returned items have to be returned within the one year  manufacture's guarantee period with valid proof of purchase. 
  •  The manufactures guarantee does not cover breakages, such as cracks or fractured damage to the products casing.
  •  The manufactures guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear & tear including, but not limited to scratches, chips, abrasions, discolouring, or fading or other minor defects that have a negligible effect on the value or operation of the product.
  • Returned items showing misuse to the electrical  power cable may not be considered for replacement under warranty. This includes very twisted & tangled cables that can cause inner-wire breakage, or melted burns on the cable of straighteners due to the cable being left too near the appliance whilst the plates are still hot.

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